Symbol of SixPoint

The core technology of SixPoint Materials is its proprietary NEAT (Near Equilibrium AmmonoThermal) method. We developed single crystalline gallium nitride (GaN) and transition metal nitride particles like vanadium nitride. The NEAT method applies the same concept of the natural quartz growth in geo-thermal environment. The superior advantage of the NEAT method is its capability of growing bulk crystals with higher structural quality at low cost.

The NEAT method can grow true bulk crystals of GaN, which can not be obtained by other growth methods. SixPoint has established proprietary growth process by combining the NEAT growth and the conventional hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE). High-quality, low-cost GaN wafers produced from the bulk GaN crystals are the key material for the high-power switching devices, high-power RF devices, blue/green laser diodes, and next generation high-end light emitting diodes (LEDs),

In addition, the NEAT process enables low-temperature synthesis of transition metal nitride particles, which typically requires high-temperature process. Transition metal nitrides can be a various functional material for many applications. For example, vanadium nitride particles can be used for electrodes of high energy density supercapacitors for automotive and grid applications.

SixPoint is specialized in constructing high-pressure reactors, NEAT process, vapor phase epitaxy of GaN, and crystal processing. These technologies enable us to provide various key materials for energy, information, and defense technology.